DUBSTEP | Knife Party – Fire Hive (Krewella’s Fuck On Me Remix)

Today I fell in love with two things. Number one, dubstep. And number two, girls that can sing to dubstep! SO HOT! In case you haven’t heard of this trio yet, Krewella is a Chicago based group with Rain Man producing the beats, and vocalists Jahan and Yasmine taking over the mic. Yes, girls that can sing mainstream pop music is respectable, i’ll give them that. But what I find simply irresistible are girls that dedicate their craft to EDM, and have nothing holding them back. Knife Party’s track “Fire Hive,” features the electrifying naughty lyrics of Jahan and Yasmine, mixed with several ear-deafening bass drops, and enough wobbles to last you for the week. Sigh…with all of those elements in one track, it was love at first play.